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Mobile, Portable and Fixed Site Antennas
Cellular – GPS Multiband – Wifi – RFID
Automotive, Train, Public Safety, Industry, Military
Custom Design Products for Specialized (OEM) Applications

Comtelco Antennas, a MobileMark brand
Omni-Directional Base Station Antennas
Directional Yagis, Folded Dipoles
Mobile antennas operating on cellular, ISM, UHF, VHF and Low Band

Industrial Networking

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Innovative wired and wireless network technology for industry
Ethernet switches (up to 10G)
Access Points
M2M Gateways, VPN Routers
Media Converters, Device Servers
Surveillance, Automation, (Oil-)Industry, Railway Certified
Customer Oriented R&D allowing a short time to market

Wireless Connectivity

Metro Ethernet extensions
Wireless broadband access
Rural connectivity
Leased line replacement
4G small cell backhaul
Indoor and Outdoor Wi – Fi